Improving the Owner Payment Experience

One of the main reasons timeshare companies and other businesses in the travel industry are moving towards more digital processes is to create a frictionless, simplified way to interact with owners and guests. In fact, 88 percent of US consumers now expect companies they interact with to have an online self-service customer portal. The demand for this sort of digital customer experience has been largely driven by Millennials, digital natives who are now the largest consumer demographic. American Express found that Millennials will pay 21% percent more to do business with companies that excel at customer service and experience. With the vacation industry seeing a shift of timeshare interest and ownership to this generation, it is imperative that they meet their high expectations in terms of customer experience, especially within an industry that is known for its commitment to guests and the creation of a luxury and personalized experience.


Percent of US consumers who now expect companies they interact with to have an online self-service customer portal.

Who's supporting your owners?

Many of today’s payment companies complement their payment products with their own payment support. As the timeshare ownership population becomes more global, look for a company that has:

In-house support employees

When payers have questions regarding their payment, many expect to speak with an individual well-versed in the complexities of their particular challenge. If your chosen payments company offers payer support, ensuring that they have fully trained, in-house customer service agents will result in superior service.

Multilingual support

To communicate with individual owners in their native language, ask your payment provider if they offer multilingual report and determine if the languages they offer match up with the countries your owner-base comes from.

Omnichannel support

The ability to handle inquiries from a variety of channels including online chat, email and phone support is imperative.

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