Executive Summary

What a difference a year makes. Unlike the bleak outlook from the previous Spring, these days, people all around the world are waking up to positive headlines about new measures in place that will let them break free from lockdown and get back to one of life’s greatest pleasures: travel. In the U.S., Federal authorities said fully vaccinated people can resume recreational travel in the U.S. at “low risk,” and with millions of vaccines being administered daily, that could mean a bustling second half of the year. It’s a similar story in other parts of the world. From the U.K., where major airlines are pushing for travel corridors, to Australia and New Zealand where they are considering a travel bubble, we will likely see more opportunities to travel freely.

For businesses in the travel industry - from travel operators, to destination management companies, to accommodations companies and beyond - this is a harbinger of what could be a record-breaking return to travel. So, what should companies expect from travelers who were all but immobile this year? Will there be seismic shifts in behavior and expectations?

To better understand consumer behavior around traveling again in a post-pandemic world, Flywire commissioned independent research of more than 800+ frequent leisure travelers from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Spain and Japan. From destination preferences, to health and safety, the key insights will help travel companies everywhere prepare for a significant bounceback.

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