Luxury Travel's Role in the Industry's Recovery

As the world continues to reopen, we surveyed more than 600 luxury travelers from the United States to understand what they’re doing, where they’re going and how they make their travel decisions.

The term “luxury travel” used to be synonymous with first-class airfare and 5-star hotels. While it still encompasses those comforts, the modern high-end traveler is also eager to explore other exclusive experiences, such as bespoke culinary experiences, bucket list trips, and other highly-personalized getaways. And the demand for luxury travel has never been greater in the era of COVID-19, which is igniting a resurgence in demand for luxury travel advisors who can curate once-in-a lifetime experiences for those seeking all those benefits without any of the hassle. These are some of the takeaways of our recent survey, which examines the COVID-19 era attitudes of luxury travelers from the United States. Our data provides a fascinating glimpse into the minds of luxury travelers, and uncovers how they plan to travel, where they plan to go, and how they prefer to make their travel-related decisions.

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