Global Payment Solution

What should your global payment solution look like?

Instead of relying on traditional, paper-based invoicing and outdated payment methods, it is wise to seek out improvement and modernization of your payment offerings.

Look for a comprehensive payment solution that integrates with existing systems and processes, saves money, and ultimately creates a seamless guest experience. In particular, seek out the following features:

Ability to collect currencies worldwide

Ability to offer payers multiple familiar payment methods

Payment tracking, automation and other administrative and reporting tools

A secure and compliant platform

An invoicing system that lets you bill in multiple currencies and easily accept, track, and reconcile incoming payments

Ability to integrate with back-office systems and owner portal technologies such as financial management systems, accounting, invoicing, and A/R tools

With the rise of financial technology companies focused on creating cost-effective and technology-driven payment options, there are several potential partners to consider. At Flywire, we believe it is a worthwhile exercise for timeshare companies to consider these partners, as it has proved to be a simple way to provide significant cost-savings for all parties involved and helps the timeshare industries continued effort to modernize technological systems and processes.

We highly recommend mobilizing members of your technology and IT teams, alongside portfolio managers and owner experience teams, to do due diligence and understand the value these payment companies can provide for their timeshare business and their owners worldwide.

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