Success Story

A leading vacation ownership company reduces costs while improving the member payment experience

A major global vacation ownership company sought to streamline its manual membership and HOA payment process of sending out physical statements and collecting payment via phone or mail each payment cycle. The company needed a way to more efficiently send, track, and reconcile incoming payments - while maintaining a high-quality customer experience and saving costs throughout the process. This initiative meant replacing the inefficient paper-based billing process with a digital invoicing and international payment solution to quickly and securely invoice members and collect payments from multiple countries, all while streamlining back-office operations and creating a positive guest experience. The company leveraged Flywire's secure invoicing and global payment processing solution. By choosing Flywire, the company was able to more quickly and efficiently send invoices and track and reconcile payments, resulting in improved cash flow and a reduction in administrative work. Guests had the option to securely pay in 120+ currencies via a variety of payment methods, including local bank transfer, credit card, and Paypal. Additionally, Flywire’s solution significantly reduced international wire and merchant fees for the client, providing savings of $10K+ each payment cycle. As a result, the company was able to streamline its vacation ownership payments and to improve customer satisfaction.


Number of currencies Flywire made available to guests, via methods such as PayPal, credit card, and local bank transfer.

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